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Installation service
YACHTSIGN offers professional installation services worldwide. As long as they can access your boat, they can install your letters on site wherever you are. In the absence of bucket lifts or scaffolding, installations are regularly performed via a harness.

The specialist installation technicians are YACHTSIGN direct employees who fit letters all day, everyday. The team fly all over the world and have a fleet of dedicated vehicles that service the Florida area.

The installation team is well known and thoroughly trusted by shipyards. They understand the etiquette required to work on superyachts, liaising with your representatives to ensure the installation is flawless.
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Easy self-
YACHTSIGN letters can be easily installed by anyone. From the first YACHTSIGNs built, the letters have been specifically engineered to allow easy DIY installation, making them the easiest to fit yacht signage on the market.

If you have a preferred marine contractor, you may trust them with the installation of your sign and shipyards are welcome to manage installation using in-house technicians. All YACHTSIGN letters are shipped complete with drilling templates, clear instructions and any special tools needed. Full technical support is provided via telephone and email at no charge.
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Customized mounting systems
For YACHTSIGN, the mounting system and custom finish of your letters is just as important as the letters themselves. Door openings, storage compartments, portholes, the surface and curvature of the yacht are all taken into consideration. A project specific mounting system is configured and manufactured alongside your name board that will complement the yacht design and flow with the installation area.
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