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April 19, 2016
Happy customer!
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April 16, 2016
YACHTSIGN announces production of the worlds first solid teak yacht letters.
Having defined the levels of quality and customer service now expected within the yacht nameplate industry, it is no surprise that YACHTSIGN have designed, manufactured and installed the world’s first solid teak letters. Part of the companies custom range, whereby their own admission "anything is possible", the team have worked with a private superyacht client to bring the finest handcrafted teak letters to market. A popular decking choice on yachts, teak not only looks beautiful, with a fine grain and glorious coloring; it is also hardwearing and able to withstand exposure to the elements out at sea. YACHTSIGN were approached by the yacht owner several months ago and asked if they could produce the same calibre letter they are known for making out of polished steel, carbon fibre and acrylic, but this time made from responsibly sourced solid teak. And if they could match the teak to the existing yacht decking, so much the better! Always ready for a challenge the team explained their research and development team had already worked through the process for teak lettering and YACHTSIGN were simply waiting for the right yacht to work with. A project manager then sourced numerous teak samples to ensure the closest match possible with the existing teak and the rest, as they say, is history. Bastian Kellner, Managing director at YACHTSIGN explained, “The client couldn’t be happier with his new yacht sign and the team have thoroughly enjoyed working on this project. One of the reasons YACHTSIGN has such a talented team is because we constantly look for new challenges and thrive on continuous product development. Our designers and technicians love being able to work on proof of concept designs, and in turn this gives our clients access to the latest products available to them.” To contact the Bastian and the YACHTSIGN team email or call +1 877 876 6789.
March 16, 2016
Signs of Brilliance
Unmistakable letters and designs that are flawless on the first day; as well as years after installation. It's easy to spot the highest quality yachts and the most intelligent yacht owners... just look for the YACHTSIGN. Built in the United States to uncompromising German engineering standards and built to last. Photo credit Tom Serio Photography