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One color, solid acrylic letters with a fast turn around time of 1-2 weeks, using the same perfect lighting that you will in find in all YACHTSIGN products.


Choose between polished stainless steel and superior painted acrylic finishes in the Classic range. The finer choice for leisure yachts and available with a 3-4 week turn around.

Classic Plus

Add a personal touch to your yacht sign with Classic Plus. Have a graceful color outline on each polished steel letter, or perhaps a contoured edge to your acrylic sign, creating additional depth to your design.


The Premium range is where heads really start to turn. Choose a combination of polished steel and elegant painted surfaces; imagine a beveled edge to complete the look. With nearly limitless options, create a stunning and unique yacht sign with only a 5-6 week lead-time.

Premium Plus

YACHTSIGN’S paramount collection, Premium Plus is reserved for clients who will not compromise. Each sign is a statement of personality and there are no design limitations. Each letter could be a different color or finish. Blend several different scripts into one sign. Have a three dimensional sign, or don’t. Your sign, your design, your choice.
Want more? Enhance your design with animated lighting.
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Custom items
When a name is simply not enough. Challenge YACHTSIGN to create a masterpiece beyond imagination. Think custom logos, animated scenes and complex lighting systems on a perfectly matched teak board. Your wish is YACHTSIGNs command regarding the finest carbon fiber, steel or handcrafted teak letters. These are the projects that designers dream of. Your vision becomes YACHTSIGNS reality and anything is possible. Think big, think bold and expect A-list beauty.
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